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Use this website to identify the amazing nature you see all around you in Corfu. You can even add new photos to the database so they become part of the collection.

The Nature of Corfu Website

Corfu (Kerkyra) is a beautiful island located off the west coast of Greece, in the Ionian Sea. The island has a unique landscape which provides a diverse range of habitats for the fauna and flora that can be seen in every corner of the island. The Corfu Nature Website has been developed over the past eight years to help raise awareness of all the nature found on the island and it contains many galleries of wildlife photographs from all over Corfu.  The database underlying the website contains only records of nature that has actually been photographed on Corfu, and this makes identification much easier.

The website is easy to use, just pick an option from the menu bar that matches what you want to ID and various options will be available. If you need help with using the database, click here -  Instructions

The Corfu Nature Website currently contains over 4,000 photographs of 800 species found on Corfu. If you find something new that is not in the database, please contribute to it by using the Upload option.

The Latest User Contributions
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